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We pride ourselves in stellar customer reviews.

Greg K.
Las Vegas, NV

Excellent service, knowledge and craftsmanship! I came here because I had a pair of Oakley sunglasses that I needed new lenses for and they don't sell them on line.

I tried to have them custom fabricated at another place here in Vegas and it did not work. I ordered some generics from Amazon and they fell out.

Finally came here.

1. Excellent, high quality store with higher end displays, and a cool vibe.
2. Service - I felt that J. Crimi knew exactly what I needed in terms of a good fit and quality lens replacement. Price was incredibly reasonable.
3. Picked Up - Ready in two days, and there was one small issue so they gladly made new lenses to fit and perfect.

While there I was able to buy some new Maui Jim sunglasses for a discount too! Great stuff, great service and great prices.

GK says check it out!

Cassie C.
Los Angeles, CA

We're from out of state and my son's glasses broke in a way that they were NOT fixable. We came here on a Friday and it was not busy at all. I honestly don't remember the name of the man that helped us, probably the owner, but he was extremely helpful. They didn't have a pair that fit my son's lenses exactly, but he found a pair that was very close and cut the lenses a bit to fit. I don't think many places can do that for just $40 and within 20 minutes. So glad we found this place!

Heather B.
Las Vegas, NV

This place is absolutely amazing!! I brought my husbands glasses in to get the nose pieces replaced, they did it so quick! Then I was saying how my glasses fall off my face, and BOOM fixed those. I spent a total of 3 minutes in there, they didn't want to charge me but they got a tip out of it of course. I cannot recommend this place more. WOW for customer service, wicked impressed. I'll be going here for new glasses and any repairs. I'll tell everyone I know how great they are!

Bernadette C.
Las Vegas, NV

My favorite eyeglasses needed repair . Went to several places for repair quotes were outrages. Was told go see J crimi . I walked in so friendly he had no problem looking to see if he could repair . They were ready for pick up 2 days later . Great place to find cool eye glasses also sunglasses as well. Highly recommend.

Daniel "el guapo" R.
Henderson, NV

This place is fantastic. My glasses were broken in three different pieces and I though they were done for. My optometrist referred me to them and I blew it off for a while because I thought it was going to be crazy expensive. Not only was it not nearly as much as i thought it would be but they had them finished in minutes. Can't recommended this place enough. My glasses fit perfect.

Ivan S.
San Francisco, CA

My daughter and I just had the most awesome experience at this boutique. We were directed here by a lady at LensCrafters who said, "We can't fix your daughters glasses but I know who can."

My daughters glasses were instantly inspected, and despite them being uniquely designed-- the man behind the counter asked for 5 minutes to see what magic he could work; which he quickly pulled off!

I was ready to pay a hefty price, but when it came time, he simply smiled, told us the bridge fix was free and gave us a couple of boxes of Lena cleaners on top of the stellar service.

World class service. Will be coming back to spend and support.

Thank you.